Terms and Conditions

Outlined are the user terms and conditions for your use of the Bebefit by Monit America Inc. (“Bebefit” will be used instead of Bebefit by Monit America Inc. for the remainder of this document) website and any social media that Bebefit uses, such as Instagram, Facebook, etc…

Bebefit reserves the right to, at any time, make amendments to our terms and conditions as we see fit or require without advanced notice. Any amendments or new terms and conditions will be available on our Website ( By using our website and/or contributing to any of our social media channels, you accept our user terms and conditions. If you do not accept these terms and conditions you must not use our website or contribute to any of our channels. 

Information Collection

We at Bebefit understand that the privacy of your information is of the utmost importance. The privacy policy below explains 1. The information we collect. 2. How we will use this information. 3. Your rights to the information you have provided and what you can do with that information. 

Bebefit collects information as we require to better provide service, complete sales, and to communicate deals and offers for merchandise/services. Upon purchase of a product, giveaway sign-up, enrollment in our influencer marketing program, or email list sign-up we may require/request some or all of the following information: Name, address, telephone number, email address, credit card information, or other pertinent information. Our website also automatically gathers information upon the visit of our site such as device type, pages viewed, time/general location of visit, etc. If at any time you would like to access/delete and personal information you have submitted voluntarily or automatically you can contact us at or any of our team member emails and we will respond as soon as possible to assist with the process.

Confidentiality and Personal Information Protection

Bebefit will protect all personal data to the best of our ability and will never sell or give information to a third party. The information provided is used by Bebefit to fulfill a product purchase, notify the purchaser/user about relevant safety information/recalls, inform event winners, request more information/photos, and to distribute product/campaign related news. 

You may request access to any/all of your personal data at: You have the right to request information about the personal information Bebefit holds about you. If your data is incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant, you may request a change or deletion of the information so that it is corrected or removed. You have the right to request written documentation on the personal information Bebefit holds about you, however, such requests must be in writing and signed by you.

Email Services

You may receive periodic mailings from us on new products, services, relevant information and limited time offers if you have provided us with your mailing address. However, you may opt out of these mailings simply by contacting Bebefit by email at or writing to us at our mailing address.