Should I purchase the teething pad set separately?

Teething pads are included with your purchase of a Bebefit smart baby carrier. Additional sets can be purchased separately.

Can I remove the belt and use it as a hip seat only?

No, the Bebefit smart baby carrier is not designed to provide safe support if the waist and hip-seat were to be removed from the rest of the carrier.

What is your return policy?

If you are not completely satisfied with your carrier, we will gladly accept it for return or exchange within 30 days of shipment with the original packaging.

If you purchased your carrier directly from, please contact with your return request. If you purchased your Bebefit smart baby carrier from one of our retail partners, please contact the retailer for information about their return policy.

What is your warranty policy?

The Bebefit smart baby carrier is covered by a 1-year product warranty. Damages from normal wear and tear and/or damages due to misuse by the user are not covered.

We are happy to provide support and/or replacement for any defective or broken carriers.

Please email us at with your request.

What should I do if my carrier is defective?

If you find that your carrier is not working properly, please stop using the carrier immediately and contact us at for further assistance.

How do I clean my baby carrier?

For light cleaning, we recommend simply wiping or patting down with a damp cloth.

The lining of the Bebefit smart baby carrier is made of 100% polyester and the outer shell is made of polypropylene. To avoid potential damage and to best preserve the integrity of the fabric, we recommend hand washing your Bebefit baby carrier. Make sure to detach the convertible hip-seat and fasten all attachments prior to cleaning. Air dry only!

Is the carrier waterproof?

The Bebefit smart baby carrier is water-resistant due to its quick-drying synthetic fabric. The 100% polypropylene fabric dries extremely quickly since it repels moisture. The carrier is not completely waterproof, as this would mean that our fabric would not be breathable.

What ages does the carrier support?

The Bebefit smart baby carrier is designed for ages 0 to 36 months (with a minimum weight of 7 lbs). We recommend using an infant insert for babies younger than 6 months old, or at least until they can support their head independently.

What is the weight limit of the Bebefit smart baby carrier?

Both Bebefit’s convertible hip-seat and carrier are certified to support up to 110 pounds. We recommend a maximum weight limit of 45 pounds, or use for as long as it is comfortable for both caregiver and baby.

Can the Bebefit smart baby carrier be used to carry newborns?

The Bebefit smart baby carrier is recommended for babies aged 0 to 36 months old, or between 7 and 45 lbs. However, we recommend use of the infant insert for newborns until they are able to support their heads on their own (around 6 months of age). Bebefit’s infant insert sits underneath your baby and extends behind their back to securely support your baby’s neck and spine. It also sits your baby in an ergonomic M-position while in the carrier to encourage proper hip development.

Why are my baby’s legs positioned so far apart? Isn’t that uncomfortable?

After birth, it takes several months for your baby’s joints to straighten out naturally. If the hips are not supported and the legs are left to hang straight down, this stretches out the hip joints and can lead to hip dysplasia (abnormal hip growth) or hip dislocation. To support the hips, the legs should be in a natural "M-position” with the hips wide and the knees bent.

The Bebefit smart baby carrier has been certified as a "hip healthy" product by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. Our baby carrier is comfortable, ergonomic, and safe for your baby's hips.

Why are there buttons on the front part of the shoulder straps?

The tuck-away hoodie is zipped into the bottom edge of the sliding pillow. When this pouch is unzipped, you can use the hoodie to cover your baby’s head. Both ends have loops that can be secured to the shoulder buttons. This hoodie can be used to protect your baby’s head from exposure to the sun, to help secure their head for napping, or to offer privacy when breastfeeding in the carrier.

Does the Bebefit smart baby carrier support plus sizes?

Yes. The Bebefit smart baby carrier is designed to be used by a diverse range of body types and is highly adjustable. The velcro waist belt can fit waist sizes of 23 to 42 inches. To tighten the belt, fasten the velcro belt around your waist as tight as is comfortable to maximize lumbar support. To tighten the side straps, pull on each strap until it is snug.

When my baby sits on the hip-seat, the hip-seat seems to sag down. Is it okay to use?

When your baby sits on the convertible hip seat, it is designed to bend naturally with your baby’s weight. To compensate for this, we designed the convertible hip-seat to rest at an angle greater than 90 degrees. To prevent sagging below 90 degrees, we recommend securing the carrier as tightly as possible.

This gentle bend should occur with the convertible hip-seat locked in place. If your convertible hip seat does NOT remain locked in place, please stop using the carrier immediately and contact our support team at

Can I remove the hard plate inside of the belt?

The plate gives support to the convertible hip-seat. It cannot be removed because it is necessary for the convertible hip-seat mechanism to function properly.

How do I use the air mesh flap?

Bebefit’s ultra performance fabric has low thermal conductivity, which makes it cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter so you can enjoy using the Bebefit smart baby carrier year-round.

To expose the air mesh, detach the lower end of the flap below the sliding pillow. Roll the flap up and secure it to the velcro underneath the pillow.

At what age can I carry my baby in the outward-facing position?

We recommend waiting to carry your baby in the outward-facing position until they have gained full control of their head and neck and no longer need head support. This usually happens when your baby reaches around 6 months old.

When can I carry my baby in the back-carry position?

We recommend carrying your baby on your back when your baby is over 9 months old to ensure your baby’s safety. Your baby must be able to support their head and neck on their own before attempting to backcarry, as this position does not offer support for your baby’s head.

How do I use the teething pads?

Bebefit’s teething pads come in a 3-piece set. This includes a large teething pad for the sliding pillow cushion that easily attaches to the front of the carrier and 2 wrap-around pads to keep the straps droolfree. They fasten over the carrier and snap in place with buttons. They are also easily removed and machine-washable so you can keep your carrier clean.

How do I use the convertible hip-seat?

When you want to use the hip-seat mechanism to shift your baby’s weight from your shoulders to your waist, simply lift the convertible hipseat and flip it up until you hear it click into place.

To fold the convertible hip-seat back down, squeeze the button on the underside of the hip-seat on both sides. While pressing the button, fold the hip-seat down so that it is resting flat against your waist.