Our journey begins with a not so simple, but an enlightening trip to the Emergency Room. Tony Park, CEO of Monit, experienced an injury to his lower back possibly due to him carrying his baby in a normal hip seat baby carrier. His injury left him hospital bound for over 10 days, leaving him to rely on his wife to care for their children alone.

Taking care of children is already hard enough, so why make it hard on your body? Bebefit combines weight distribution technology with materials that are non-abrasive and hypo-allergenic to provide the most comfortable experience not only for our babies, but to those who care for them.  



Faced with the enormity of raising our children, we decided to explore advanced technological solutions and integrate them with traditional practices to help make life easier for parents everywhere.

And so, Bebefit was born. Our products are designed with every intention of making parenting as seamless a journey as possible. We believe parents and babies can enjoy every moment together with Bebefit. Bebefit's innovative smart technology allows parents to better manage their baby's weight, helping make parenting a stress-free experience.

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