When To Stop Using A Baby Carrier

When To Stop Using A Baby Carrier

Knowing when to stop using your carrier can be tricky. Some parents use the carrier up until their child has reached the maximum weight recommended for the carrier (usually about 45 lbs.), but some find that their children become much too squirmy to be carried comfortably. Whenever you choose to stop using your carrier, you have to trust that you are making the right decision. You know your baby best!


Many parents taper off from using their baby carrier for day-to-day activity when their child reaches about 30 lbs. This typically occurs anywhere between 24-36 months of age. This means that parents typically won't use the carrier for short walks, but will continue to use their baby carriers for longer walks or hikes. Many parents also enjoy the closeness that a carrier offers, especially because they can offer their children constant supervision. Some parents also prefer to continue using baby carriers because they feel burdened by using alternatives like bulky strollers.

Overall, whenever you stop using your carrier depends on many factors: your toddler’s weight, your toddler’s level of activity, your family’s day-to-day activities, whether or not your child enjoys being carried, and many others that are unique to you. Whatever you choose, trust your instincts! There are no wrong answers.

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