What Is A Convertible Hip Seat?

What Is A Convertible Hip Seat?

Carrying your baby is no easy task! That’s why the convertible hip seat mechanism is so valuable for helping to manage the stress on your body due to carrying your baby.

What is a Convertible Hip Seat?

The convertible hip seat rests underneath your baby’s bottom on the carrier. It can be either flipped down to lay flat against the waist band, or it can be flipped up and locked into place to support your baby’s weight.

How does the Convertible Hip Seat Work?

When you carry your baby regularly, the weight of your baby is supported by your shoulders and upper back. Over time, this can strain your back. However, when the convertible hip seat is flipped up and locked into place, your baby’s weight shifts from the shoulders to the waist, providing instant relief to your upper back. When you start to feel strain on your lower back, simply pinch the pin underneath the hip seat to lower the hip seat down and shift your baby’s weight back to your shoulders.

What are the Benefits of the Convertible Hip Seat?

Being able to shift your baby’s weight allows the caregiver to easily and seamlessly manage pain or stress caused by carrying your baby. This is especially helpful when on long day trips with your little one when you are unable to take frequent breaks. This is also helpful for caregivers who have issues with back pain to help manage stress.

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