Tips for Reusing Baby Carriers


Technically, baby carriers don’t have an expiration date the way child car seats do. So, it’s typical for mothers to reuse their baby carriers for multiple children, particularly when the children are close in age. However, when deciding whether or not to use your baby carrier for another child or whether to buy a used one, make sure to follow these tips.

  • Check for general wear and tear. If there are any rips, tears, or frayed straps that look fragile, don’t use the carrier. The last thing you would want is to jeopardize your baby’s safety.
  • Make sure all fasteners are in good condition. This means buckling/unbuckling each buckle, and making sure velcro still sticks. If these don’t work, your carrier could put unnecessary strain on your shoulders and waist.
  • Ask how long the carrier has spent left in the car. The interiors of cars are exposed to extreme temperatures, both hot and cold. These weather conditions can be detrimental to fabric or plastic.

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