How To Keep Your Baby Carrier Clean

It’s no secret that babies can be pretty messy. It’s also important to keep things that your baby touches clean to make sure that you both stay healthy. That’s why it’s essential to keep your baby carrier clean. Cleaning your baby carrier can be tricky, so here are some guidelines to best preserve the integrity of your carrier.

  • For light cleaning, simply use a damp cloth and a mild detergent to dab at spots or stains.
  • For a more thorough wash, we recommend hand washing your Bebefit smart baby carrier in warm water.
  • Beforehand, make sure to detach the convertible hip seat and fasten all buckles and attachments.
  • Air dry only! Do not tumble dry your Bebefit to best maintain the quality of the ultra-performance fabric.
  • Use teething pads to allow you to prevent drool or other stains. These are easily removed and can be quickly machine-washed!

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