Can You Use a Baby Carrier While Pregnant?


The short answer is yes! Though pregnancy is not a time to add more stress to your body, there is nothing wrong with continuing to carry your baby if you were doing so before. It may be helpful to modify the way you are baby-wearing as your bump gets bigger because what worked for you before might not be as comfortable. Here are some tips for practicing safe, healthy babywearing while pregnant!

  • Pay attention to your body. If you start to get fatigued or dizzy, honor what your body is trying to tell you and rest.
  • Practice back-carrying early. As your bump starts to get bigger, you will eventually need to switch to carrying your baby on your back. If you’re not comfortable with this already, it helps to start early!
  • Don’t strain yourself. Being pregnant and practicing baby wearing means that you’re carrying double the weight! Take breaks often and be careful not to overwork yourself.
  • Be mindful of weight distribution. While slings or wraps may be convenient, they may make you feel off-balance. If you want to distribute weight evenly, consider using a soft-structured carrier or a Mei Tai carrier.

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