Breastfeeding in a Baby Carrier

Many mothers opt to breastfeed in baby carriers, largely because of how convenient it is. When breastfeeding in a baby carrier, your baby’s head and neck are already supported, meaning there is no extra effort needed from mom. Carriers, especially wraps, also offer a level of privacy for you and your baby. Breastfeeding in soft-structured carriers is definitely possible, but can be a little tricky at first! Here are some tips to help make breastfeeding in a soft-structured carrier as smooth as possible.

  • Master breastfeeding and baby-wearing independently first — Your relationship with your baby is unique. That means your preferences for breastfeeding and for baby-wearing are unique, too. Take the time to master each art before you attempt breastfeeding in your carrier to make sure it goes without a hitch.
  • Use an upright position — Using an upright position instead of a cradle position is easier in a soft-structured carrier because there is no need to change your baby’s position. If your baby is still a newborn, make sure that their head and neck are still supported.
  • Adjust the shoulder straps — Before breastfeeding, you’ll need to play with the shoulder straps of the carrier in order to make sure that your child’s head is level with your breast. This will make it easier for your baby to latch.
  • Pay attention to correct positioning — Improper latching can block your baby’s airway, so it’s important to help them latch correctly. You may need to lean forward and/or support your breast in order to make sure your baby latches properly. Once this happens, you can tighten the strap again to create a snug fit.
  • Use the tuck-away hoodie for privacy — With your baby’s head correctly positioned, unzip the pouch underneath the sliding pillow to reveal the tuck-away hoodie. This stretches over the empty space between the shoulder straps to cover your baby’s head and give you both some privacy.
  • Don’t get discouraged — Breastfeeding with a soft-structured carrier might feel a little awkward, especially at first. It may take time for you and your baby to get used to getting in the right position. But, once you both get the hang of it, you’ll be able to breastfeed your baby almost anywhere!

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