Are Baby Carriers Worth It?

Are Baby Carriers Worth It?


When looking through the options for baby carriers, you may be wondering why there is a such a discrepancy in pricing. This is especially true for soft-structured carriers, which can range from $40 to $250. Why are some carriers so much cheaper than others? Is it really worth it to buy the more expensive carrier? Here, we will give you some information about different types of carries and their prices to help you choose which baby carrier is right for you.

Slings and Wraps

Ring slings and wraps are pieces of fabric that you fasten or tie around your body in order to secure your baby. These are often best for infants, but get more difficult to use as your baby gets older. Slings and wraps tend to be towards the cheaper end of the spectrum, but can range in price depending on the material of the fabric. Slings and wraps are convenient because they are versatile and support many different carrying positions; however, they don’t offer much lumbar support for the caregiver. This also makes it harder to use them as your baby develops, since they main strain your back.

Soft-Structured Carriers

Soft-structured carriers range the most in price, as you can find a decent carrier for a fair price. This is mostly because the cheaper carriers offer only the basic functionality of a baby carrier, without extra features or versatile positions. These may be a good fit for you, as long as you make sure that the carrier does not let your baby’s legs dangle. If left to hang unsupported, your baby is at risk of developing hip dysplasia (abnormal hip growth). More expensive carriers typically offer more support for the caregiver, allowing them to manage the stress of their baby’s weight on their body, and allowing them to carry their babies for longer spans of time. These tend to be worth it if you plan to carry your baby often, or if you prefer to have a carrier that can support a range of carrying positions.

Backpack Carriers

Backpack carriers tend to be the most expensive baby carriers. This is because they are designed to offer support for your baby for long periods of time and for strenuous outdoor activities. They also come with lots of extra padding and pockets for storage. This makes these carriers great for families who plan to hike or camp with their babies.

We hope this helps you choose a baby carrier that is best suited to your needs and your lifestyle.

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